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About Israel Street Art Festival 

Ramat Gan City 
 Free Entrance 

A mega street arts festival

A festival crammed full of street culture events and break-dancing.


For the past decade, "The International Street Art Festival" has grown into one of Israel's most interesting and unique youth festivals.

It has become a focal point for attracting a youthful and dynamic crowd of children and youth between the ages of 12 – 25, with many of their parents attending as well.

Some 20,000 attend the festival annually, the vast majority children and youth.


A mega street arts festival that include the following events:

  • 3 days of unique shows, competitions and workshops.

  • "Battle Of The Year" (BOTY) – Israel national breakdance championship.

  • "Hip hop starz" – Israel national hip hop dancing championship in karmiel festival.

  • Theatre shows" - an evening of live performances of dancing street culture.

  • "Youth Workshops" – international artists holding workshops for the Israeli public and youth.

  • "Dancing in the streets" - Exposure and preliminary events throughout Israel's cities.


Festival Content

The festival's unique character lies in its convening in a single location the entire range of the most popular contemporary street art which make up today's most popular youth culture in both Israel and around the world.

This is a lively urban festival that attracts a wide variety of modern street artists performing in every artistic sphere: song, dance, drawing, sports and acrobatics.

The festival runs 2-3 days of national competitions, street art compounds, stage performances and artists' workshops.


The festival's main event

The Israel breakdance championship for individuals and teams ("The Battle of the Year") is the keynote event of this special festival. This contest is the preliminary to the international breakdance championship, which has been taking place for 22 years now in Germany. The winners of this contest will be flown to Germany to represent Israel in that competition.

Street art compounds in the festival:

Breakdance, Parkour, Graffiti, Rap, DJs, beatbox, Roller Blades, Skateboards, Street/stunt bikes, Hip-Hop dances, Capoeira and a huge compound for "street dance" that brings together the entire range of this genre.

Artists from abroad

Every year various street artists and international judges arrive to judge the Israel breakdance championship.

Free entrance

to festival and its activities: Our policy is to allow free access for everyone to all festival activities, thereby attracting a very large audience.



The street culture festival grew out of the hip-hop culture, with an emphasis on the elements of breakdance, DJs and graffiti artists, though all other spheres of hip-hop  are also included in the program.  Additional urban and extreme elements are also featured, like skateboards/roller blades, parkour and wonder-jumper springs.

The street culture festival is a new initiative for integrating the world-famous
"Battle of the Year", which is the international breakdance championship, and which has been running for nine consecutive years as a preliminary competition in Israel.

This competition, which one might call the "Eurovision of breakdance", brings together representatives and contestants from all over the world, from Europe and Asia to the U.S. and Australia, and challenges them to "battle" for the title of the world's greatest performer in the field.

Thousands of Israeli youth are involved in these activities on a daily basis, and the anticipated attendance at the combined street championship (the street culture festival) will be over 12,500, as it was last year.



The competition takes responsibility for a young generation of artists and inculcates the original idea of the hip-hop culture, while offering a social venue that encourages participation in such activities.
It is easy to see the dedication of purpose and total devotion to art of all participants, as they push themselves ever forward in order to attain the coveted victory.
The target audience are young people between the ages of 12- 25.

The Event's Themes

Theme 1 – Opportunities for the Younger Generation

  1. An opportunity to provide a voice and constructive activities for Israel's younger generation.

  2. An opportunity to experience various spheres of art and gain popularity/acceptance in the public eye.


Theme 2 – Cultural Language

  1. Bringing the code of youth culture - "hip-hop"- into the event.

  2. Communicating the spirit of the voices and ambitions of the younger generation.


Theme 3 – Renown and Reputation

  1. International title provides the group and individual a true sense of acceptance and admiration in Israel.

  2. Prestigious honor and recognition by street culture communities around the world.

  3. Representing the State of Israel through participation in world championships.


The Producers

"Street Art Production" (S-A-P) &  The "Israeli Breakdance Organization" (IBO)

S-A-P & the IBO were founded in 2001, dedicated to the promotion of street art and breakdance in Israel.

The organization has over 20,000 followers to date and continuously strives to raise awareness for Breakdance in Israel, with considerable success.


Over the last 10 years the S-A-P & IBO have produced been countless breakdance events and activities, as well as incorporate breakdance as a performing art into many major events.

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